Sa-wad-dee-ka! I am Busarin (Boos-sa-rin)
and I am from Bangkok, Thailand. Growing up in a family compound, life was always lively. I was passionate about crafting handmade gifts for all of my relatives, so I was making all the time. It was a natural progression for me to attend Silpakorn University, where I received my first degree in Product Design.

My first job as a professional product designer was for a furniture design company and I realized that I needed to have a better understanding of the people I’m designing for. Traveling through Asia, Europe and the U.S. made me realize that specific needs for each person was shaped by their environment, experience, education and culture.

In-depth exploration through deep listening is the tool that allows me to identify, analyze and connect the dots. Now that I understand the complexities of human needs, I can design visually compelling stories that are both empathetic and engaging.

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