Costco's Kirkland Signature is the only retail store that directly sells on pallets and focuses on providing
to everyone's needs. The new packaging design utilizesgeometric shapes to create a modular yet flexible system.



Geosynergy (Geometric + Synergy) implies both stacking and linking together to work as a unified structure. Not only are we reducing extra materials for securing and shipping items in pallets, we are consciously utilizing space in how they are displayed and work as units in both stores and homes. 

In addition, each sub-category has a color story to add as a way of finding the product and shipment within the store.

Logo color system

For the food products, we used the color green that promotes healthy, natural, and fresh eating.
While the orange embody the warmth and vibrancy of the home products. And the health care products, 
blue is the best color that represents relief and security.

Product development



The Dieline
ArtCenter Student Gallery


Debbie Bautista
Molly Drill

Credit Photography

Jason Ware (Product)
Pitch Wisantavong (Product)
Tiffany Tran (Lifestyle)