Thai cuisine is one of the world's leading cuisines for the past decade; a favorite, especially in the United States.
Although Thai food is a top contender when it comes to the American palette, it still ranks high in difficulty when it comes to cooking, primarily for a non-native Thai.

This project, I wanted to create an innovative way to teach non-native Thai to comfortably cook Thai dishes. After doing research and generating ideas, I found out that users can gain this knowledge through the process that I design for them as food service yet a learning experience.

The key phase that I got from the research is

"Most people believe that good Thai food is hard to make 

(for non-native Thai)."

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Research summary + Key insights


Unfamiliar preparation and cooking methods are difficult for them

There is always a confusion, even though there are recipes to guide through the process

Lack of information on the ingredients that can be substituted for original items.

They don’t know what exactly is contained in each dish.


Most grocery stores are not provided with original Thai ingredients.

It requires different kitchenware from what people have at home.

Making Thai dishes is required a longer time than other cuisines.


Everybody has different taste preferences and tolerances, some dishes may good for some people, some may not.

Thai recipes are very different from American’s.

Delicious Thai food is based on their personal experience.

Information on the items that can be substituted for original ingredients and give the same result.

Value Proposition


Demystify  the cooking Instructions

Provide tips and tricks 

Explain Ingredients in details


Save time to get ingredients

Give faster cooking methods

Offer recommended substitute ingredients

Offer the proper tools


Have a story behind the dishes

Give personal advice

Introduce the authentic Thai flavor

Help to personalize their own flavors 

These assumptions are certain to happen

by creating an innovative food service, Siam
that delivers this value proposition

Thai ingredient-and-recipe
meal delivery service.

Siam strives to deliver an authentic Thai cooking experience right to your door by providing all necessary components and high-quality ingredients in order to execute a genuine taste of Thailand in an entertaining way, that is both user-friendly and convenient.

At Siam, we believe that

Everybody can make Thai dishes like an Expert.



From raw materials to a "ready-to-eat" level, Siam can customize the ease of preparation based on skill level and time constraint.

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Tasting Samples​​

Simply, to know if food is good or not is through taste alone. Siam provides small sample packets of the main flavor component of each dish to use as a tasting guide for flavor accuracy. 


The user will be able to try the samples, then adjust and customize the dish to their liking. To accommodate the user’s preferences and tolerances, the app digitally records all adjustments, making the recipe more personal.

Learning Experience

At Siam, we want to ensure the ease and authenticity of all of our Thai dishes, so we provide the user supplemental tips and tricks from one of our Thai chefs to aide in execution. With the ability to rewind and fast forward, the chef’s guidance is not only at the pace of the user, but also in the comfort of their own home. 

Once the user has mastered the fundamentals, we expect that they will be more confident to execute more of the prep themselves, which would lower the cost of purchasing already prepped items. As a result, the user will feel a sense of accomplishment being more involved with the preparation process, while elevating their skill set.

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